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Schweizerische Orchideenstiftung
am Herbarium Jany Renz

Dr. Christoph Noelpp
St. Jakobs-Strasse 30
4002 Basel

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Botanisches Institut
Universität Basel

SORA Awardee 2013

Dr. Lauren Gardiner

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Project: Vanda, the 2013 Renziana volume, and accompanying online Scratchpad development

The genus Vanda (Aeridinae) is an extremely diverse and horticulturally important group of more than 70 species occurring mainly in Southeast Asia and includes many island endemics. The generic limits of the genus have long been poorly defined, with the first treatment of the group in the mid-19th Century by John Lindley. Many new species were described after Lindley's work, and species were added to and removed from the genus throughout the 20th Century, but the genus has only recently been recircumscribed using modern molecular phylogenetic techniques and is now known to include a number of species previously accepted as distinct genera in their own right such as Ascocentrum and Neofinetia.

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