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Swiss Orchid Foundation
at the Herbarium Jany Renz

Dr. Christoph Noelpp
St. Jakobs-Strasse 30
4002 Basel

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Botanical Institute
University of Basel

Dr. Jany Renz

During his lifetime (1907-1999) Dr. Jany Renz worked as a director of the Basel pharmaceutical company Sandoz (now amalgamated into Novartis), but his passion was his research into the Orchidaceae. After his retirement in 1971 he devoted much of his time to orchid research and curating his herbarium collection.

His publications total almost 100 taxonomic and floristic articles, and he is particularly well-known in the field of nomenclature of European, Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern terrestrial orchids (especially in the genera Ophrys, Orchis, Dactylorhiza and Epipactis) and for his work on the genus Habenaria, which he was revising world-wide. He also contributed accounts of the Orchidaceae to several regional floras, including the Flora Aegaea (1943), the Flora Iranica (1978), the Flora of Pakistan (1984), the Flora of Turkey (1984), the Flora of the Guianas (1992), and (posthumously) the Flora of Bhutan (2002).

His life and work has been described in an obituary by Dr. Phillip Cribb from the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, and in an article by his colleague Dr. Albert Hofmann in Bauhinia (2000)