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Vanda tricolor Lindl.

Vanda tricolor Lindl.
© F. Meyer-Van Loo, Gand
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Library 301441
Vanda tricolor Lindl.
Latitude: -
Longitude: -
Uncertainty: -
Elevation: -
Book Author: Lucien Linden & Emile Rodigas
Book Title: Lindenia Iconographie des Orchidées
Book Editor: J. Linden
Book Publisher: F. Meyer-Van Loo, Gand
Publishing Year: 1886
Plate: 60
Book Signature: 20 2:2a
Det. Note: This specimen was originally determined as Vanda suavis Lindl. var. lindeni , which is a synonym according to the World Checklist.

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Vanda suavis Lindl. var. lindeni
Det. Note: According to the World Checklist, this is = Vanda tricolor Lindl..

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